Proec Ltd.


Processing Units

Proec Ltd. has the most modern processing facility designed to manufacture a variety of approved sophisticated additives and materials using proprietary manufacturing processes. Our flexible manufacturing infrastructure enables us to expand our product range and change our product mix in response to changes in customer demand and to serve customer requirements ranging from laboratory scale research to commercial production. We maintain strict adherence and compliance for the packing policies of our customers.

Plant – Situated in North India, 50 kms east of New Delhi the plant specializes in powder products, custom powder blends and is one of the company’s oldest plants with highly skilled manpower.

R&D Centre

PROEC Ltd. has a fully functional tech center in New Delhi, Equippied with the most shp sophisticated equipment to handle oilfield applications

Our manufacturing facility and the R&D lab are compliant with internationally accepted Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) standards – i.e ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certified.

Over the years we have invested and will continue to further invest in our manufacturing and R&D facilities and infrastructure with a pre-set objective of enhancing our capabilities in order to serve our customers better.

PPL is professionally managed by a team comprising of dynamic & experienced techno-commercial individuals from the Indian Chemical, Mining and Oil & Gas Industries. The company is headquartered in New Delhi with a processing plant in North India (50kms east of New Delhi) and warehousing in Mundra.

From custom blends to lost circulation materials, engineered solutions for shale drilling to unconventional applications, Proec Ltd. provides a comprehensive selection of high quality engineered materials and additives for the global energy market. Our mission is to deliver the highest performance solutions our customers need to optimize drilling performance, minimize risk, and increase productivity.

We combine commitment to research and development with extensive industry knowledge to ensure that our customers have extensive resources needed to meet today’s oil and gas drilling challenges. With a 150 people team, Proec Ltd. has built a strong reputation for reliability and integrity.

Our close relationships with quality international suppliers, world-class engineering, and state of the art processing and manufacturing facilities ensure that Proec Ltd. is best positioned to always deliver for our customers.

Our industry focussed operations enable us to deliver the highest quality powder products or custom liquid blends – to your specifications, quickly, efficiently, and safely. In addition, Proec Ltd.’s state-of-the-art R&D centre provides superior product development and unmatched technical support for our customers around the world.

What truly sets us apart from our competition is our dedication to customer service excellence. Our comprehensive line of specialty products and services are uniquely designed to complement your business, and rest assured that we will work around the clock to deliver the quality products you need, just in time.

Proec Ltd. is proud of its employees. Our growth and success would have not been possible without the commitment and hard work of our people. Today many of our core operations are supported by personnel that have demonstrated their loyalty to our company over the years and have contributed their thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm. We believe this dedication to build a strong relationship is the source of our success and the foundation to our futurPL