Quality, Health, Safety & Enviornment

We are serious about Safety!

Proec Ltd. is committed to achieving, maintaining and exceeding excellence in managing all of the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) aspects of our operations.

Our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment, (QHSE) Values set out our commitments in these areas. Together with more detailed guidelines and procedures, they form a binding framework. The QHSE Values define protection of people and the environment as central elements of our activities. We strive for a steady improvement in our QHSE performance.

Our QHSE Values form the basis for policies and objectives which are used to manage QHSE throughout Proec Ltd.

Proec Ltd. shall diligently work towards achieving the following:

  • To comply with all relevant legislation, regulation and industry standards.
  • To continuously identify QHSE aspects and impacts with appropriate controls and steps to improve them.
  • To protect the Health and Safety of all our Employees and all whom we engage with in our business operations.
  • To make best use of all natural resources and at the same time minimize environmental impact through team efficiency and use of environment friendly products.
  • To impart and update QHSE information to all our employees to create and contribute towards a safer work environment for all our employees, contractors, visitors and clients
Adherence to legal requirements
Management of risk
Maintenance of policies and documentation
Provision of information
Emergency response
Commitment to ongoing improvements
Community interaction